Iniya Tamil Features

User Interface

Iniya Tamil has a completely different user interface. Apart from a regular square or rectangular window this application has a start screen of shape "அ"  the first alphabet of Tamil Language as shown below.

Start Screen


Iniya Tamil supports the following Encodings:

Unicode Encoding - Mostly used in all Modern computers and no need to install any other fonts. This encoding only supports naming files in Tamil and enable us to search in Internet in Tamil.

TACE16 - Tamil All Character Encoding 16 bit. This encoding was introduced by the Government of Tamil Nadu due to lack of space for each characters in Unicode Encoding.

TAM - Old Tamil Fonts are in this type of encoding. As we are moving to new encoding technologies due to lack of some compatability and availability of different types of fonts many DTP works are being done using this encoding fonts only.

My Encoding

 Any Font encoding created by the user. The user has to create Encoding using My Encoding Tool, then the same will be available for selection in Encoding option.

  My Encoding Screen

Keyboard Layouts

Phonetic - Those who don't know Tamil Typing can use this Keyboard. We can type Tamil in English Phonetic as shown below


மஞ்சள் manjal   பந்து panthu 
தங்கம் thangam கொடை kodai
நன்றி nanri கோடை koadai / kOdai
மண்டபம் mandapam பழம் pazham
கீரை keerai கௌதம் gowtham

Typewriter - This is an ordinary Typewriter type Keyboard. Those who knows Tamil Typing can use this Keyboard.

Typewriter After Pulli - Those who wish to type letters first and then their symbols as shown below can use this Keyboard Layout.

In Typewriter Keyboard தமிழ் – த ​ி ம ​் ழ
In Typewriter After Pulli Keyboard தமிழ் – த ம ​ி ழ ​்

Tamil99 - Tamil99 Keyboard Layout was introduced by the Government of Tamil Nadu which is being used by many peoples can use this Keyboard Layout.

Onscreen Keyboard

Iniya Tamil has four Onscreen Keyboards which can be used for click and type. During Typing Onscreen keyboards can be used as a reference for keys.

eeZee Tamil Onscreen Keyboard - Those who are new to Tamil typing and students can use this Onscreen Keyboard easily to get Tamil letters by just clicking the letters which are aranged sequentially in onscreen as shown below.

eeZee Tamil OSK


Phonetic, Typewriter & Tamil99 Onscreen Keyboards - These Onscreen Keyboards can be used to know the corresponding Tamil Letters of each keys. If required, a letter can be got by clicking the appropriate key in the Onscreen Keyboard which will be like the one shown below. And also if the shift key is in depressed state keys corresponding to the state of shift will be shown.

Typewriter Onscreen Keyboard

Typewriter Onscreen Keyboard

Typewriter Onscreen Keyboard when Shift Key is in Pressed State

Typewriter Keyboard with Shift

Letter Size of each keys can be changed (Small, Medium and Large). And English Letters for each keys can be made visible if required.

TypewriterOsk with English Keys

If required a Onscreen Keyboard may be set to made available top most of all the windows for reference and if requierd Typing Mode can be enabled for click and type.

Auto Correct

Auto Correct Feature of Iniya Tamil will correct automatically some small mistakes as shown below which occurs during typing. This feature may be enabled or disabled as per our requirement.

மண்றம் மன்றம்
தொன்டு தொண்டு
பநது பந்து


Iniya Tamil is compatible with all Windows Applications such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. and it will be used in Windows Explorer for naming files.

Backspace Key Manipulation

Backspace Key has been Manipulated as per the requirement of Tamil Keyboards as shown below. This will reduce the usage of keystrokes.

Instead of typing பணி if we type it as பனி then we have to press backspace key once then it will change as ப​ி now we can type as per our requirement i.e. if we press ண we will get பணி.

Additional Symbols

Additional Symbols in Tamil Letters such as ் ​ி ​ீ ​ே ​ெ will be visible while typing. If we mistakenly type a Symbol and we want to change it there is no need to press backspace key we have to press the symbol required it will be changed automatically.

Instead of pressing ெ if we press ே there is no need to press backspace key we can directly press the required Symbol i.e. ெ.

Special Characters

Special Characters such as Day Symbol - ௳, Month Symbol - ௴, etc. and tamil numerals (௧, ௨, ௩...) and fractions are available through Special Characters window.

Tamil Numeral

To get Tamil Numeral easily we can use Numerical Keypad keys. This feature may be enabled or disabled as per our requirement.

Numbers in Words

Numbers can be written in words in Tamil upto 19 digits. At a maximum of 9223372036854775807 can be got in words in Tamil. The result can be copied and used as per our requirement.

Words to Number

Words can be converted into numeral upto 19 digits. At a maximum of 9223372036854775807 can be obtained. The result can be copied to clipboard and used as per our requirement.

Hot Key

To input English and Tamil simultaneously we can set a Hot Key to switch between languages. Also we can assign a Hot Key as per our convenience. We can also enable or disable Hot Key as per our requirement.


Supports conversion between Unicode, TACE16, Shreelipi, Anu/Senthamizh, Vanavil, TAM, TAB, TSCII, Bhamini and Indoword encodings.

We can get converted text formatted as that of source text.

Souce can be Text File, Rich Text File, Microsoft Office File, copied text from other application or text can be typed in the source window.

Converted Text can be copied and used as per our requirement or it can be saved as Text file or Rich Text file for future use.

Source and Converted Text view can be changed as Horizontal or Vertical as per our requirement.


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