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We all know that during 90's and 2000's Tamil Typing in Computers is a tedious process. Also Font compatibility is a problem that we have faced a lot, it is must to carry our fonts along with our files wherever we go. After introduction of Unicode Encoding it become easier and portable to use Tamil. Its not necessary to always carry Tamil Fonts along with us. Also with the help of Unicode we can able to name our files in Tamil, search in Tamil in the Internet and also in our documents and files. Sorting in Tamil is also possible in Unicode. Now-a-days we are mostly using Unicode Encoding only for Typing in Tamil. Many Tamil Softwares also released for using Unicode.

One of a such Software which supports Unicode, TACE16 and TAM encodings for typing through Phonetic, Typewriter and Tamil99 Keyboard layouts and supports conversion between Unicode, TACE16, Vanavil, Shreelipi, Anu/Vanavil, TAM, TAB, TSCII, Bhamini and Indoword encodings is "Iniya Tamil".  Now Iniya Tamil supports creation of user defined encodings, which will enable users to use any type of Tamil Font they have.

Whats new in

  • New User Interface
  • Customizable colors for User Interface
  • Supports user defined encodings
  • My Encoding to create and use any type of Font Encoding
  • Bugs Fixed Keyboard Drivers
  • Import and Export Encodings
  • User Interface Animation

Iniya Tamil


Iniya Tamil is a Tamil Software for Tamil Typing which includes onscreen keyboards, Phonetic, Typewriter and Tamil99 Keyboards and supports Unicode, TACE16, TAM encodings and user defined encodings. Iniya Tamil also has an inbuilt convertor for conversion between different encodings. Also has a My Encoding tool to create, edit, import and export user defined encodings.

OnScreen Keyboard

Phonetic, Typewriter and Tamil99 Keyboard Layouts

Customized Backspace Manipulation

Convertor to convert between encodings

Numbers in words in Tamil

Converstion from words to Numbers

Special Tamil Symbols and Numerals

Auto Correct

Works in all Windows Platform

My Encoding Tool

Supports user defined Encodings

Start Screen

Start Screen of Iniya Tamil. Here you can choose your options...



Iniya Tamil Mini

Iniya Tamil Mini

A light weight Software which didn't require any Installation (A mini edition of Iniya Tamil Software.)

New Version 2.5 released . (Backspace problem in Windows 7 fixed)

You can use it anywhere.

Supports Unicode encoding.

Small in size less than 700 KB.

Phonetic, Typewriter and Tamil99 Keyboard Layouts.


Iniya Tamil for Android

Iniya Tamil for Android is available in Play Store.
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Iniya Tamil in Media

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